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In 2014, Esmeral decides that it is time to return to Colombia to develop an American sunglasses franchise, NYS Collection where it is successfully installed with four branches in Bogota and one in Cali. Due to the success of the company, three franchises are established in the city of Medellín.

During his time in Colombia, and due to his extensive experience, John Frank Esmeral is awarded with two university scholarships for a master’s degree in real estate and the construction medium at the University of Denver. (Masters of Science Real Estate & Built Environment)
In 2016, John Frank Esmeral returns to the United States, and enters the graduate program of the University of Denver.

Now, with all the experience acquired through its participation in different industries, Esmeral sees a revitalization of the real estate industry, but the new movement of the markets makes him focus in the sector of urban development and construction.

His participation in the different fields gives him ability to adapt and be multifaceted, a necessary quality today in a country as big as the United States. The business vision continues more alive than ever, providing services and positioning quickly in a determine area is a quality that has been known from Esmeral.

Currently, John Frank Esmeral has been happily married for 13 years to Marta Ulles-Esmeral and has two children, Joan and Paula Esmeral.
And currently they are dedicated to urban development in Colorado, but always with the vision of contributing positively to society and the community where they live, where the future is better and the community perspectives are respected; But with a variant, moving from Residential Real Estate to Commercial Real Estate, and urban development from a sustainable approach.