John Frank Esmeral

Entrepreneur & Visionary, Denver

John-Frank-esmeralThe job in the Colorado news as a reporter gave him the responsibility to take the team forward and it is precisely there, in Univision Colorado where he awakens that eagerness to help the Hispanic community, to point out their problems and totally attaches more with their community.

In 2004, following an investigation into real estate frauds and mortgage frauds, were the Hispanic community was the victim, Esmeral decided to link to the Real Estate market and the mortgage industry in Colorado.

His links with a number of agencies, non-profit foundations, institutions and authorities that help the Hispanic community by taking a leap into this new market. Financial counseling becomes his new passio, increases his interest and concentrates his attention, effort and desire in this new challenge.

In his beginnings he worked as financial advisor (from 2004 to 2007), with all the experience gained, success and the capital established in his new area, he has the opportunity to start his own company and became independent.

green-state-denver-coloradoPromoter and Reporter in Denver, Colorado State, Entrepreneur

Emerald-Green-State-Denver-Colorado his new success gives fruits, the business that started as a small company now expands and opens new branches through 2010; The economic crisis of 2008 doesn’t discourages him, but leads him to look at other options.

That is when he ventures into the world of Internet sales, not so popular among Hispanics at the time. Thus begins a new stage in which experience is gained in import, export, and product marketing.
This new project opens to his other areas besides financial services; Such as product marketing and business development.