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About John Frank

John-Frank-esmeralJohn Frank Esmeral became the representative of the record label “Alerce” in Latin America, its market expanded to other countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, where they signed with these label he discus new bands. At this time, Esmeral had the opportunity to promote many Colombian bands, giving rise to national talent.

Finishing with this incursion in the music world in 1998 he decides to star in other areas. It is time to study and prepare in a new field for which he feels an infinite passion, so he decides to study Television Production and Direction at the Lumiere Foundation, by the famous director Pepe Sanchez (RIP, 2016).
During his time in the Lumiere Foundation, he worked as a Sports Journalist on the Capital Channel. Then he moves to Caracol Channel under the supervision of the renowned journalist Manuel Teodoro, director of Seventh Day, where Esmeral is able to exercise his passion for investigative journalist, in the Extra program.

In the year 2000, Esmeral decides to return to the City of Denver, Colorado, USA; Where it connects with the local news team of Univision. He remained there for three years, from 2000 to 2003, starting as a reporter, quickly rising to investigative journalist and then becoming the head of assignments of the news, having under his charge the entire plant of journalists, cameramen and other production assistants.

John Frank Esmeral will always be a musical producer from the soul, that is why, from Colorado he continue to hold events. He was never detached from the music scene. So he continue to work in this area; On that occasion he took on the task of bringing different bands to Colorado Springs and Denver, and promoted different events at renowned Latino Clubs in Denver. His move to the music scene has given him the opportunity to help many new bands fulfill their dreams of being heard by a large crowd.